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Fes, Morocco's cultural and spiritual capital, lags behind Marrakech in terms of stylish riads and elegant restaurants, but subtle changes are underway. In the heart of Fez is the medieval Medina district where you live, with more than 9,000 alleys where you can get lost. It's an exciting time for a culinary visit to the Medinas, and the restaurant scene in FeZ is booming. We are # I've tried some of the best and most famous restaurants in town and talked about 3 restaurants that really stand out, as well as some of our favorite restaurants from around the world, so give them a try. Fezi is often a popular destination for gourmets and tourists, especially from the Middle East and Africa.

In Fez you can behave with the help of some of the best restaurants in the city, as well as with the help of some of the most famous restaurants in the city.

The ruins garden offers a more extensive menu, including wine, and a third that enhances the classic tagine and keeps some long-forgotten Moroccan dishes alive. The Jardin des Biehn is also a good place to taste pickled lemon juice with wine and taste some of the best wines in Fez.

Lunch at the green restaurant Ruined Garden means smoked eggplant, deep-fried potato pie and hand-rolled couscous. When you're tired of Tagine, head to the bustling spot where the menu is served in a bustling place in the heart of Fez with a great view of the city.

This Moroccan-continental dish with a strong Moroccan influence is designed for European tastes and keeps the medina an oasis for locals. Moroccan cuisine and can teach you how to prepare traditional Moroccan and Berber dishes. If you want to learn more about how it is prepared and what is served in cafes and restaurants, visit the famous café and restaurant in Fez.

Perhaps the most special thing about this restaurant is that everything here is 100% Moroccan, including everything that is carefully prepared and served. If you want to try some of the best restaurants in Fez, here's what you can learn about them. The best way to discover Fassis's cuisine is to take a street food tour with Plan Morocco. Moroccan cuisine left over from the Arabs, Moors, Ottomans and French , it is a real melting pot, and everything is carefully prepared.

Visit this friendly, relaxed, family-run restaurant, which offers simple, traditional Moroccan cuisine at an affordable price. The restaurant is located in the heart of Fez, which means that guests can shop before or after dinner.

The riad itself is luxurious and rich in Moroccan details inside, and the ruins provide a perfect backdrop for the traditional cuisine of the restaurant as well as great views of the city. The restaurant is located in the heart of Fez, where guests are led into an idyllic patio garden with bougainvillea and other native Moroccan plants. When you go out to the terrace to dine, you will be mesmerized by the garden, decorated with dimly lit candles and musicians playing traditional oud music against a backdrop. Waiters in slippers made of slippers and Moroccan slippers serve a subtly spiced traditional feast.

Ask for the daily specials or cook some simple dishes at home and cook it yourself and you will be surprised by the quality of the food.

The restaurant is run by renowned Moroccan chef Najat Kaanache and is located at the Blue Gate of the atmospheric medina of Fez. It is a professional restaurant and dining area in the heart of the city, just a few meters from the main entrance.

Half Moroccan, half international monkfish tagine, lamb and couscous with fillet of beef and Italian risotto are on the menu. Moroccan cuisine has experienced an even greater boom in recent years, especially in Marrakech, where the restaurant scene is booming. In the last decade, however, foreign chefs have also been championing imaginative Moroccan dishes, attracted by organic ingredients that can easily be sourced from the surrounding area of Fez.

Chef Najat Kaanache, who grew up in San Sebastian, worked in some of the best restaurants in the world, including El Bulli, before returning to his Moroccan roots and opening a restaurant called ONLY in a stylish riad. If you are the only Moroccan chef working in Fez, you know what we are talking about. One of the chefs to watch is Naj at Kaa, which opened earlier this year in the medina of Nur in Fez. Chef Najats Ka anache has worked at a number of fine restaurants around the world, including El bulli in Spain, and has since returned to Morocco to open Nur.

Moroccan restaurant, open only in the evening, is part of the original palace and is perhaps the most fantastic. Mataam Fez has introduced Denver to Moroccan cuisine by providing an intimate dining room where guests can sit on the floor surrounded by precious cushions and rugs while enjoying couscous, Stella, lamb skewers and belly dancers flickering through the dining rooms.

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