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With rising prices putting pressure on European second home buyers from Italy and Spain, sunny Morocco has been on the international property map for several years and travellers are reaping the rewards. On the way to Fez, there are a number of new and modernized boutique hotels, making it a popular destination for travelers from around the world.

Morocco's office market, centred around its business centre in Casablanca, is experiencing a decline in demand. Although the number of office units for sale in Fez and other parts of the country has fallen by almost half, it remains at its highest level in more than a decade, making it one of Morocco's most attractive real estate markets for second home buyers.

Official estimates say the value of prices in the medina of Fez has been rising for 15 years, but in some cases it is much more. According to a firm specialising in Fes real estate, prices have remained stable rather than falling as in other parts of the world.

Television images of Fez houses show that prices have risen because there is a strong demand for apartments in the medina, especially for those with good views of the city center. Most houses fall between 3% and 5% in price, depending on location, according to FeZ Real Estate. Apartments account for about 3.5% of total prices, while houses account for 4.2% and apartments for 2%.

The government has done a lot to simplify the buying process for foreign nationals, but as elsewhere in Morocco, it is important to work with an established broker or experienced lawyer when buying property, and to stay relevant when living in the medina. Cathy Riad Laaroussa from Fez describes her experience of owning a business and being rewarded with one. If you are buying a house to do business, visit the Regional Investment Centre where you can get advice on how to start your business in Fez. Or contact someone who can help you buy your house and represent your interests when you're not in the FeZ.

The Kattanine does not seem to have much French, but you will find a nice little house in the center of Fez, with a good view of the medina and the city center.

It's a cliche to say that business depends on relationships, but as the name suggests, real estate agents in Fez are treated with contempt. There is no vocational training, commercial ethics vary widely and the community is tight - tight. As a result, it is the best preserved medieval medina in the world, but its architectural heritage is seriously threatened and seriously threatened.

Riad Kniza dates back to the 18th century and is a small luxury hotel in the heart of the medina. Located on the outskirts of Fez, just a few hundred metres from Al-Azhar, it is one of only a handful of luxury hotels in Morocco. There are only two other hotels of this type in Egypt and there is no shortage of people willing to live in this exclusive luxury hotel today.

Riad where you can find many of the best accommodation in Fez and the city also has an ever expanding list of chic riads. There are a number of traditional 19th century Moroccan houses for which estate agent Mauresque Immobilier has a list. They have two floors surrounded by a two-storey enclosed courtyard with private garden, garden and large garden.

Moroccan real estate listings by real estate agents specializing in Moroccan properties include a list of the best riads for sale in Fez and other parts of Morocco. There are a number of purposes - building plans for city centre resorts, such as the Royal Hotel and the Grand Hotel, as well as a variety of private villas.

If you have fallen in love with the colourful buildings and interiors of Fez, you can buy Zellige Tiles and decorate your own home in this beautiful style with these beautiful styles. Walking through Fez, you will notice that colorful, patterned tiles are a common decorative element in architecture. Fez hats are a popular souvenir to take home from Morocco and can be easily found in any market or gift shop.

If you are interested, spend some time in the Rabat Archaeological Museum to see some of the artifacts found throughout Morocco. There are some nice things to find in Morocco, but don't be put off by scams, do your research.

The three-bedroom Riad Al-Bartal is an excellent medina location in the heart of the city of Fez, home to the oldest university in the world. Learning and historically intricate architecture are intertwined here, and this city is home to some of the world's oldest universities. Visit the royal mausoleum dedicated to the first king of Morocco's independence and the Moorish architecture, illustrated by the Hassan Tower from the 12th century. It is one of those places where modern decor blends seamlessly with traditional to create a romantic atmosphere. FeZ also boasts the world's most valuable Arab architecture, including the Royal Palace of Morocco, a palace with an impressive collection of royal tombs, royal residences and royal palaces, as well as a royal moat, royal tomb and royal library.

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