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One of the best things to do during a trip to Fez is to visit the bustling souk with its many museums. Moroccan artists from all over the country are exhibited and art history enthusiasts cannot leave FeZ without visiting the Museum of Art and Culture, one of the oldest and most important museums and galleries in Morocco. The museum is located in the Sultanate of Dar El-Makhzen and shows artifacts that are connected with Moroccan core themes from historical antiquity. Considered one of the "best" in Morocco, the museum features a wide selection of paintings, sculptures, drawings, ceramics and other works of art from the past, present and future.

The museum's collection includes paintings, sculptures, drawings, ceramics and other works of art from the past, present and future. Without a doubt, the highlight of the Dar Batha Museum is the Pottery Room, where you can find ceramics made by Fez craftsmen over the centuries. The museum is located in Dar El - Makhzen, where the oldest and most important museum of the city of FeZ and one of the oldest art galleries of Morocco are located.

Originally it was one of the most important buildings of Fez, the Dar El - Machzen Palace, but it eventually began to lie in ruins and was abandoned. In 1915, the Dar Batha Palace took over the role of hosting Moroccan art and reinvented itself as the Dar bathsa Museum.

In 1915, the Dar Batha Palace took over the role of hosting Moroccan art and reinvented itself as a museum of the noble bathtub. Today, a Moroccan Muslim who studied anthropology, Muslim-Jewish relations in Morocco, is a museum curator.

The Moroccan Art Museum, housed in the former palaces of Medina and Tangier, displays more than 100,000 works of art from Morocco's cultural heritage. In a luxurious 19th century Moorish palace, there is a dedicated exhibition dedicated to "Moroccan art."

Fez offers visitors the opportunity to admire this unique collection and to travel through an exhibition of "Moroccan culture," which is a great place to learn about the rich history of Fez. Make sure you visit all the museums on your trip, especially those where you visit them, and learn about Morocco's cultural heritage and history. The best things to do in Morocco and the car will help you plan your trips and provide you with the information you need to design your own "Fez route." Get to know the many great places in the city of Fez where science and art are learned in many different ways.

If you want to learn more about the culture of Fez, visiting the museums is a great way to learn how Morocco can help you put together a unique tour. If you visit the Dar Batha Museum and want to see the museum's collection of paintings, sculptures and other artworks from around the world, you can learn more about the Muslim world.

Whether you are an art lover or a simple tourist, stroll through the winding streets of the medina and admire the fine details of the Karaouiyne Mosque. If you are interested in the history of traditional Moroccan artifacts, be sure to visit the stunning Andalusian gardens that house the museum and enjoy the beautiful views of the Medinas of Fez. Once you have visited the collection of "traditional" objects on display at the museum, admiring the exterior of a palace is the icing on the cake of your trip. Stroll through the city's fortifications, get lost in a souk or stroll through the ancient city of Marrakech, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If there is only one building to visit in Fez (not to say too nice), it should be Medersa Bou Inania. Moroccan riad, but remember that these riads are not in the city, so it is a must to stay in them when you visit the city.

Located in the center of the medina, it is the most stylish museum you have ever seen, and it is also one of the most popular museums in Fezas. This museum is located in a fortress that offers a breathtaking view over the city of Fez as well as a great view of Al-Azhar.

Fez is often depicted as the cultural capital of Morocco, but it is worth noting that it has also seen its share of the tourist-oriented Marrakech. It offers visitors a different view of Moroccan life and features some of the most popular museums in the city, such as Al-Azhar, the Museum of Islam and the Museum of Archaeology, and many others.

Most medinas in Morocco have educational buildings known as medersa in their name, and Fez is no exception. Most of Morocco's medina is known for Mellah, the historic Jewish quarter, but the main attractions in FeZ are el-Bali and Old Feze, both located in the city's central area, a short walk from the city centre. If you just look for them, they can fill up in a single day for three or four days. There are enough sights in Fez without crowded back streets with well-loaded donkeys, so Medera al-Attarine is one for the best of them all.

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