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Restricting the choice of accommodation in Morocco can be a difficult task, but we are not a luxury hotel type, we do not need anything fantastic. We slept in ice hotels in Quebec, rafting on the Colorado River and visited hotels that were so picky we couldn't see the interior of the room.

If you prefer to stay in an apartment or private villa, we recommend you to visit our online partner booking.com. If you want to rent a car, which we would recommend, if you want to visit the Atlas Mountains or stay near Fez, we recommend you to visit our online partner Rentalcars.

Fes - Sais Airport is a fast growing airport with direct flights to Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Although the Menara airport in Marrakech is more convenient, trains from Marrakech to Fez are cheap and reliable. If you fly direct, ask your airline for new connections before you fly directly.

Just remember that haggling is a way of life for entrepreneurial salesmen, pick up a few nicknames and you'll find some hidden treasures in Fez. If you are planning to stay in a riad in Fez, this is one of the best places to stay during the busy holiday season. Remember, if you forget to book a hotel room in the city or even just a room in a local hotel, you need to get organized and plan ahead. Keep in mind that FeZ is another destination that is becoming more and more popular, and it is a great destination for tourists and tourists alike.

This weekend was kindly invited as a guest of Hotel Sahrai and was a great experience for me and someone who has stayed at the property before. As always, all opinions are my own And I would never promote something I'm not freaking out about or love. Please tell others about your experience at Fez Morocco Wyndham Hotel or any of the other hotels in the area.

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If you are looking for luxury, this is the place for you, with exquisitely furnished rooms and a first-class Givenchy spa, one of only four in the world. If you have time to do all day research and development and are looking for a great hotel with good food and a top-notch spa, there is no better place to do it than the Wyndham Hotel in Fez Morocco. Riad Laaroussa is a good choice if you want to learn to eat and cook here.

Located within walking distance of all the attractions of Fez, Ryad Mabrouka is a great place to relax in modern comfort. During the day you can easily take a taxi to the medina, but private taxis are an affordable option. There is also a train if you want to make day trips to Fes, or you can take taxis from the city centre. The Wyndham Hotel offers spacious rooms and a luxurious spa area, making it a great choice for relaxing with modern comforts.

We were shocked that Gate 1 Travel chose this hotel as their best place to stay, even though the service and general condition of the hotel meant that we would not recommend it to Western tourists. We could have gone to the mountains and seen some of Fez's amazing sights, like the city centre, but we know how much they feel pain when we see them. That is the last thing you want to associate with a hotel like this, especially in a country with such a history of human rights violations.

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More About Fez