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With 250 hammams scattered throughout the city, Fez is the perfect place to relax with the locals and enjoy hot baths, with a rigorous exfoliation - which you can apply well. Travellers can reap the rewards with a variety of restaurants, cafés, bars, restaurants and hotels. In recent years, some redesigned boutique hotels have made their way to Fez, making it one of Morocco's most popular destinations.

For a traditional Moroccan spa experience, you can visit a local hammam or one of the many hot baths in the city, such as the Volubilis. You can also hire a private driver to pick you up from your hotel in Fez, Morocco, and take you directly to Volubsili.

Although the Menara airport in Marrakech is more convenient, trains from Marrakech to Fez are cheap and reliable. The Fez can be parked at the airport, via Rabat and Casablanca and then on to the town of Volubsili.

We hope this guide will make it easier to plan your trip to Fez, Morocco, and visit the historic medina. For more detailed instructions on the tours, please see our guide to Fez and the other cities in the Medina, as well as the city of Marrakech.

There are many hotels in Fez, and there are hotels and apartments for every budget, but let us help you find out which place is the best to stay in Fez. If you are looking for a real luxury hotel, you will not be disappointed, even modest accommodation in Fez will make every visitor feel at home. There are many hotels in the city and even if you don't, they are very cheap by Western standards and have excellent facilities to make your stay enjoyable.

The hotel also behaves like a real hotel, with good service, good facilities and good customer service. This is the best hotel in Fez and one of the most popular hotels in the city and a great choice for tourists and visitors.

What really sets this luxury riad in Fez, Morocco apart is the fact that it is one of the best hotels in the region and the most luxurious hotel in Fez. We know that there are many reasons to make an effort to choose Riad Laaroussa as the hotel for Fe in Morocco, but it is really refreshing to know what it really stands out.

If there is only one building to visit in Fez (not to say too nice), it should be the Medersa Bou Inania. Most visitors to Fez want to stay in the Medina because it is the main tourist attraction, but you will also pass through the Semmarin Medina gate. The new city is close to the medina, so you will need taxis to get in and out during the day.

Fez Riads are at the heart of your travel experience, so I think it is important to choose the best riad in Fez on a budget. The best way to escape the chaos of your stay in the medina is to choose a superb rioad to Fe and escape.

This riad is honestly one of the best hotels in Fez and probably the only one in the medina with such a high level of service and amenities.

My personal favorite place in Fez is the ancient Madrasa, better known as Bou Inania Madrassa. In the old medina, the Merenids built a planned town that reflected the wealth and confidence of their rule. The planned cities were built by the Merenid, and although their development and growth seem almost organic, Fehz el Jedid (New Fez) was one of the last and most magnificent built by a Merendian Sultan in the medina, which made it slightly different from the other Medersas in Fez.

Since 1999, the Sefrioui family, architects and hoteliers have been buying various pavilions in Riad Fez and starting their restoration.

The Spa Riad Fez Hammam offers a range of massages and beauty treatments in luxurious and comfortable surroundings. The wellness centre is equipped with the best of Moroccan cuisine and offers refined Moroccan cuisine, fresh fruit and vegetables and a variety of wellness treatments.

Dar Aquas houses a number of historical sites in Fez, including the ancient city of Dar Al-Azhar and the historic city of Marrakech, both within walking distance. The city has also become a hub for chic riads, and here you will find many of the best accommodation in Fez.

Dar El Menia offers good value for money and offers you an authentic Moroccan experience in every aspect of your stay. Dar El Menia offers a great experience with luxury tents in the Sahara, Top of the Desert also offers day trips to Fez, Volubilis and Meknes. You will also have great experiences in Top - of - the - Desert in the summer months, with the luxury of camping in the desert.

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